Chapter One Hundred and Two

We had walked for some time before our wagon pulled up outside a remote rest stop. I recognized it as being perhaps a half hour’s drive out from Camp Tumah - Michelle and I had stopped here for coffee on our way back from that Bible study camp.

Michelle sat eating a cheese and tomato toasted sandwich. “It is so good to be actually eating these again,” she said. “I’d missed them.”

“Yeah,” said Mikoti sadly. “It was Yufu’s favourite.”

A waitress came to our table then, asking who ordered the saucer of milk and why. Mikoti answered the first question - she had - but not the latter, and then when the waitress wasn’t looking she put the saucer under the table where Duncan began lapping from it.

“Ask her if she has any seal,” Duncan whispered after he’d been drinking for a while.

That was it then, we spent a few hours talking, most of it morose, before George woke me up.

“It’s a Saturday, and you know what that means,” he chirped. “A day off. But a day off classes does not mean a day off struggling against the sin that is homosexuality. Go now, and enjoy yourselves in a way that would please the Lord.”

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